Social Ministry/Welfare/Recreation Committee

The Social Ministry/Welfare/Recreation Committee of the Parish Pastoral Council serves as the primary group that coordinates activities/events impacting the social life of the parish. It assumes responsibility for organizing receptions for parish occasions, including annual events such as Family Day, Graduates Breakfast, Palm Sunday Brunch and special occasions such as the Pastor’s Installation and memorial celebrations. Members of this Committee actively support the two major parish fundraisers.  These activities are designed to encourage and promote socialization among parishioners of all ages.

The Committee is charged with conducting programs that will improve the lives of parishioners and community people affected by poverty, natural/human disaster, and abuse of substances, abused relationships, and neglect/rejection. The ministries under the umbrella of the Social Ministry/Welfare/Recreation Committee have evolved over time as the needs of the parish and community changed. Current ministries include the following:

Soup Kitchen

The Wednesday soup kitchen ministry is jointly administered by members of St. Dorothy’s Parish and Corpus Christi.  Fifty-sixty less fortunate community members are served a wholesome, home-cooked meal each week. 

Social Ministry/Outreach

Contributions and donations from parishioners and others assist in meeting some of the material needs of needy members of the community. Information on housing and other community services are shared with those needing on-going, extensive assistance.  Donations of food, clothing and toiletries are provided to soup kitchen participants when available.  Thanksgiving food donations from parishioners are provided to community members in need.  With the assistance of parishioners and other churches and organizations, Christmas gifts are provided to less fortunate members of the community.

Men’s Club

The Men’s Club is both a spiritual and social opportunity for men in the parish to bond and share activities.  All men in the parish are encouraged to participate.  As part of its ministry, the Men’s Club serves breakfast one-to-two Sundays a month. 


The Pancakers serve pancake breakfast the second Sunday of the month, September through June.  The breakfasts provide an opportunity for food and socialization following Mass.  Proceeds are donated to the Church.  New members are welcome to join the group.