Moving Forward

Corpus Christi was once a new parish founded in 1901. It had no building or history. Over time a history evolved, driven by the parishioners and events over time. The same will be true with Our Lady of Africa. Her history will develop over time with our input and influenced by local and world events around us. So let’s celebrate the birth of this new parish and work towards a robust new history.

In order for Our Lady of Africa to thrive, we all must work together and be active participants in the liturgical and community life of our new parish. Sunday services should be robust, invigorating and inspirational. We want people to come and worship with us! We have to reach out to those in the community who seek God. We have to offer a place of hope and spiritual growth. Everyone will be welcomed!

Our new pastor, Fr. Robert (Bob) Kelly, SDV (Divine Word Missionary) will need our full support and participation in order for our new parish to grow. It doesn’t matter what role we played at our old parish, we can all serve and have a voice.  It is through our efforts today that will create a parish of the future. A parish of love, hope, unity and faith. This should be our dream. Let’s reach out to our former parishioners, school alumnus, family members, neighbors and friends to encourage them to join and worship with us. It will be through our faith and actions today that Our Lady of Africawill succeed.

There will be some challenges ahead for Our Lady of Africa, but I know we can conquer them through faith. Jesus said in Matthew 17:20,

“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

So let us pray for one another, the legacy parishes and the success of our new parish. Let us also pray for unity and strength. This we pray in Jesus’ name. And remember this: 

“We’ve come this far by Faith, (and we know) He’s never failed us yet.” 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 13th. 


This is solely the viewpoint of Larry Cope and does not express the views of Corpus Christi or the Archdiocese of Chicago.