May 2018

Fr. Anthony Anike

4920 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60615

Sunday Mass:
9:30 AM

Weekday Masses:
8:00 AM

Reflection for Holy Week to Easter 2018

On Palm Sunday we began the Lenten journey to the bedrock of our faith as Christians. We celebrated the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, welcomed by a loving crowd that reverentially sang Hosanna in the highest. Jesus knew that the same crowd would condemn him and shout “crucify him!” Our Master and Lover of our souls would not follow popular demand but obey the will of the father; he would temporarily/humanly seem to lose instead of subduing the Romans and taking over earthly power and government. The same dynamic continues in our world today and in our personal lives. This experience of Jesus has taught us that we must beware of the crowd. The loud praise of the crowd does not mean that we are going in the right direction. If we walk and live according to popular demands, we shall be like Peter who denied Jesus, or the disciples who, in fear, ran away and abandoned him, or Pilate who, for political expediency, acquiesced to the cry for blood instead of doing justice, or Judas who, for greed and personal/selfish motives betrayed his master. But, if we come to know Jesus, we would be detached from all created things, come to love him first, and be like Mary, John, and the women who, at the risk of their lives, stood by him to the end. We shall prefer to be holy, and do God’s will, and not seek Christianity of convenience, nor follow the gospel of material prosperity, and fame.

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Corpus Christi Catholic Church
2018 Annual Luncheon

Sunday, June 24, 2018
1pm —5pm

Parkway Ballroom
4455 S. King Dricw
Chicago, IL

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